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This registration site is for those who are participating via the live/archived Internet webcast.
To register for in-person onsite attendance, Click Here.

Webcast participation includes the live Internet feed from the conference as well as six months of continued archived Internet access, available 24/7 for one person. It is not permissible to share your username and password with third parties or to permit others to watch the live broadcast with you.

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Webcast Participation Registration
Wednesday, June 28 through Thursday, June 29
Webcast Participation   1395.00
Webcast Participation (Academic/Government Rate)*   795.00

*For the purpose of qualifying for the academic/government rates, "academic" shall apply to individuals who are full time teaching staff at an academic institution (i.e. not an adjunct faculty member with a job elsewhere) or a full-time student at an academic institution (i.e. not with a full-time job elsewhere); and "government" shall apply to individuals who are full time employees of federal, state or local regulatory agencies.

Summit Electronic Media
Following the Summit, the video and presentations are made available in the following format. To take advantage of the discounted pricing below, you must reserve media WITH your Summit registration.
Flash Drive ($129 + $15 for Shipping and Handling)     144.00  

Special Subscription Offers
When registering, you may purchase an annual subscription to Accountable Care News, Medical Home News,
Population Health News, Predictive Modeling News or Readmissions News for only $295 (regular rate $468) and an annual
subscription to Healthcare Innovation News or Value Based Payment News, for only $195 (regular rate $295).
For more information about these publications, Click Here.
Accountable Care News Subscription     295.00  
Healthcare Innovation News Subscription     195.00  
Medical Home News Subscription     295.00  
Population Health News Subscription     295.00  
Predictive Modeling News Subscription     295.00  
Readmissions News Subscription     295.00  
Value Based Payment News Subscription     195.00  


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