Special Package Group Registration for Webcast Participation

This special package two-event registration provides full webcast access to the Seventh National Bundled Payment Summit and the Eighth National Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) Summit.

To registeran individual for the special package webcast participation registration, Click Here.

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Special Package Webcast Participation Registration

Please Select Applicable Rate Based on Number of Participants:

Webcast Participation at $595 (Group of 5 Rate)   595.00
Webcast Participation at $495 (Group of 10 Rate)   495.00
Webcast Participation at $395 (Group of 30 Rate)   395.00
Webcast Participation at $295 (Group of 40 Rate)   295.00

Summit Electronic Media
Following the conferences, the video and presentations are made available on a flash drive. To take advantage of the discounted pricing below, you must reserve flash drive orders with your conference registration.
ACO Summit Flash Drive     144.00  
Bundled Payment Summit Flash Drive     144.00  

Special Subscription Offers
When registering, you may purchase an annual subscription to Accountable Care News, Medical Home News, Population Health News, Predictive Modeling News or Readmissions News for only $295 (regular rate $468) and an annual subscription to Healthcare Innovation News or Value Based Payment News, for only $195 (regular rate $295).
For more information about these publications, Click Here.
Accountable Care News Subscription     295.00  
Healthcare Innovation News Subscription     195.00  
Medical Home News Subscription     295.00  
Population Health News Subscription     295.00  
Predictive Modeling News Subscription     295.00  
Readmissions News Subscription     295.00  
Value Based Payment News Subscription     195.00  


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