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Preconference Registration
Morning of Wednesday, November 6
For more information about the Preconference sessions, Click Here.
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Preconference I Attendance (PCF Member Rate)*   495.00
Preconference II Attendance (PCF Member Rate)*   495.00
Preconference III Attendance (PCF Member Rate)*   245.00
Preconference IV Attendance (PCF Member Rate)*   245.00

Congress Onsite Registration
Onsite Attendance (PCF Member Group Rate)   1495.00

Mini Summit Selections
Please choose the Mini Summits you would like to attend.
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Block A Mini Summits

Please Select Block A Mini Summit:        
MS I: Using Behavioral Economics to Improve Messaging Stickiness        
MS II: HCP Engagement: The Road to Proactive Risk Management        
MS III: Patient Assistance & Reimbursement Support Best Practices        
MS IV: Managed Market Considerations for Pharmacy Arrangements        
MS V: Compliance and Ethics Considerations in R&D        
MS VI: Compliance Program Effectiveness: Using Data Analytics        
MS VII: Int'l Organization for Standardization (ISO) 37001        

Optional Luncheon Mini Summits
Please Select Optional Luncheon Mini Summit:        
MS VIII: FDA Regulation and Cutting Edge Technology        
MS IX: Pulling Critical Levers to Improve Effectiveness        
MS X: Compliance Programs & Lessons Learned from Recent Rulings        
MS XI: Innovation and Compliance, They are not Mutually Exclusive        

Block B Mini Summits
Please Select Block B Mini Summit:        
MS XII: Third Party Risk Management/Due Diligence Update        
MS XIII: Compliance in the Transactional Context        
MS XIV: Investigations under CIA, DPA & a Data Analytics Failure        
MS XV: Recent FDA Guidance Document on Off-Label        
MS XVI: Compliance Considerations for Small & Mid-Sized Companies        
MS XVII: Advanced Issues in Global Compliance        
MS XVIII: Effective & Balanced Monitoring Program based on Risk        

Block C Mini Summits
Please Select Block C Mini Summit:        
MS XIX: Compliance Issues When Contracting with Third Parties        
MS XX: Agg Spend 2.0: The Next Generation of Agg Spend Solutions        
MS XXI: Cyber Security for Pharma & Medical Device Companies        
MS XXII: Pricing Considerations (Mylan Epipen, Marathon, et al)        
MS XXIII: Data Collection for Risk Assessments, Monitoring & Aud.        
MS XXIV: Balancing Risks in Patient and Product Support        

Closed Session Selection
Wednesday, November 8 from 8:30am to 12:00pm

Attendance of the closed session is limited to company compliance professionals and in-house counsel only. The purpose of the closed session is to permit the attendees to engage in a more focused exchange of views regarding issue priority and best compliance practices.

Please indicate if you qualify and plan to attend the closed session. If there is a question raised regarding qualification to attend the closed session, a member of the Congress planning committee will make the final determination.

For more information about the Closed Session, Click Here.

Please Select Option Below:        
Closed Session: Industry-Only Compliance Think Tank        
Not Attending Closed Session        

Please provide qualification to attend the closed session:

Congress Electronic Media
Following the Congress, the video and presentations are made available in the following formats. To take advantage of the discounted pricing below, you must reserve media WITH your Congress registration.
Flash Drive ($129 + $15 for Shipping and Handling)     144.00  
Web (6 Month Access)     129.00  

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